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TAW12 - ABAP Workbench Concepts

TAW12 - ABAP Workbench Concepts

Participants must work through TAW10 and also the e-learning TAW11e (or equivalent courses) prior to attending TAW12. After completing TAW12, you can take the certification exam C_TAW12_750.
In order to be properly prepared for the certification exam after TAW12, participants should reserve extra hours of self-study to review the course materials in more detail.
  • Course Content:

    • ABAP Objects:
      • Object-Oriented Programming
      • Fundamental Object-Oriented syntax
      • Inheritance and casting
      • Interfaces and casting
      • Events
      • Global Classes and Interfaces
      • Exception handling
      • ABAP Object-Oriented examples – ALV and BAdIs
      • Abstract classes, factory methods, singletons
    • Shared Objects and shared memory areas
    • Dynamic programming:
      • Generic data types
      • Field symbols and data references
      • Runtime Type Identification (RTTI)
      • Runtime Type Creation (RTTC)
    • Enhancements and modifications:
      • Adjustment of SAP Standard Software
      • Enhancing Dictionary elements
      • Customer Exits
      • Business Add Ins (BAdIs)
      • Modifications of the SAP standard applications
      • Implicit and Explicit Enhancements
    • Fundamentals of Web Dynpro for ABAP
      • Web Dynpro Components, Windows and Views
      • Web Dynpro Controllers
      • Web Dynpro Context
      • Web Dynpro User Interface
      • Controller and Context programming
    • Certification test to become an SAP Certified Development Associate – ABAP with SAP NetWeaver 7.5
  • Audience:

    • Developer
    • Development consultant

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